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Voted Best Unsigned Singer-Songwriter 2017

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Caroline & The Lights - Building A List (LIVE SESSION)

Caroline & The Lights - Building A List (LIVE SESSION)

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Ready Aim Fire - Caroline & The Lights (Official Music Video)

Ready Aim Fire - Caroline & The Lights (Official Music Video)

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Melodies and Rhymes - Caroline & The Lights | Live Session

Melodies and Rhymes - Caroline & The Lights | Live Session

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Caroline in a rose gold sparkly floor length dress, holding the mic on a stand away from her.


Caroline & The Lights is unapologetically melodramatic with her goosebump-inducing vocals, beautiful soaring melodies, and dynamic bold instrumentation. The self-made and self-managed 26 year old has been taking the UK by storm since 2014 - Releasing 6 singles, 3 Eps, and regularly touring up and down the country with her backing band, formed in 2016.


As a woman who has been diagnosed with Endometriosis and having struggled with her own mental health, Caroline strives to use her platform and her music as a way to reach out to and speak out for those who aren't being heard, particularly focusing on mental health, ableism, and body positivity. Caroline also ran an anti-bullying campaign with youth charity Ditch the Label in 2016 on the back of her single, Ready Aim Fire. Caroline spoke out about her own issues with bullying and pledged to keep the conversation going and to keep all these conversations going! 


"The world has a funny way of reprogramming us to feel like we can't celebrate ourselves. As a child I was a show off, I was loud, bold, excitable, and strong but somewhere along the line, I was made to feel that wasn't okay, and I very quickly learned to reign it in. Well... f*ck that! BE LOUD. BE BOLD. BE BRILLIANT. Embrace what you bring to the party, and BRING IT because being your own biggest fan is a wonderful wonderful feeling, one we should all be free to feel" - Caroline & the Lights

“Inspiring self-referential wonder that makes you want to stop writing, step outside and savor the fresh air in your lungs. It is beautiful and it is everything I love about Caroline & The Lights” 


– Design A Gig

Things that matter to me:

  • Mental health - Listening to my song 'Can You Tell' is the best way to explain my connection with it

  • Anti-bullying - Campaigning with charity 'Ditch the Label' during the release of 'Ready Aim Fire'

  • Body positivity and debunking diet culture - I have struggled with body image and diet culture throughout my whole life and decided to take a stand against it. "No I'm not working on my beach body, cause all I need for that is to go to the beach" - Lyrics from my song End The Con

  • Feminism - Women are flawed, vulnerable, messy, strong, emotional, powerful, intelligent, outspoken, sexual, funny, talented, and so damn tired of being pigeon holed.

  • Campaigning for disability equality - I have endometriosis and use my platform to speak out about the mistreatment of disabled people and those with invisible illnesses and chronic pain.



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